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Shadowfade Assassin's Guild Thread-all are welcoem to join!


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ShadowFade Assassian's


This is a all in one EMPIRE guild on the Prophecy of the Five server. we would like to encourge anyone % everyone to join us or ANY REPUBLIC GUILD TO CHALLENGE us to a war. For more information please visit http://www.xshadowfadex.webs.com




Shadowfade Rules




A) No Flaming


B) No Hacking/Scamming


C) No taking any of members belongings or accounts.


D) No Disrespecting Ranks



Step 1.)


Go to http://www.teamspeak.com/& Click the big download button on the right of the page.


Step 2.) Click "I Agree"


Step 3.) Click "Save File"


Step 4.) Wait for it to download, it should only take a few minutes, once it has completed downloading, Double click the file and open it up


Step 5.) A window like this should appear, keep clicking next until it says "Finish"


Step 6.) Once the download is complete, an icon like this should appear on your desktop, Double click it to open it up


teamSpeak server addres is TS53.GAMESERVERS.COM:9151 Also theri is no pw so leave that blank..





TRIPS WILL BE HELD ON MON NIGHTS(after new blood monday), SAT AND SUNDAY, trips are not mandatory but is highly encourged to be part with.

mass time for monday- 9 to 10 (newbloodmonday) war at 10:15 pm east coast time.


for saturday && sunday mass time = 5:00pm war at 5:30 till whenever




We have scheduled events, we are currently looking for Republic guilds to fight with on a weekend bases, if intreasted please fill out the form.


War fourm:


Guild Name:__________

Rank in guild:_______

date + time (please try to use one of our sechaduled times:)______

Member cap or fullout: _____(please indicate one or the other (if cap please list the amount)


Victory conditions: TDM / Last man standing or anyorther gametypes.



(Dont use this for war fourm)


Offical War Report:

Current Status: Peace

Current Record:0-0 (W,L)

List of battles:


Upcoming War With: ( guild Name) on ( date & time)

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