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PvP balance filter: Pro/Basic Leagues


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Dear BW and PvP Community,


Here are a few thoughts to improve PvP, or at least one aspect ^_^. I believe pvp in SW:TOR is pretty much for casual players now. One could just look at his pvp window and see we are still in "pre-season 1" and it has been so for a year, I think. Also, the fact that BW implemented its crapy :rolleyes: bolster system, which will hopefully fixed in game update 2.0.1 as it has been stated, seems to prove there is a certain idea that pvp has to be for everyone and it has to be of "easy-quickie-access" too :confused:


I believe the real problem in terms of balance in pvp, a part from classes problems/differences that there might be, is to have experienced good pvpers mixed with low experienced and bad ones. This creates frustration and it is just one big pool of any kind of players. Those who follow tactics to win, and those who just don't.

To define good and bad, we could simply say a good player is a high valored one and especially aiming to play a WZ for its goals (and therefore to win it), instead of just smashing and waving its saber around to the mere purpose of killing. Not referring to any expertise or gear, just time of playing and in-WZ behave.


So, what to do?

Why not simply create two different "leagues" (A/B, Pro/Basic, Cool/Noob :rak_03: whatever) and therefore add a filter in PvP. A system based first on a player valor rank, and second to its gear rating (the bolster system).

I believe this would create instances similar to the ranked ones, with players who wants to play WZs to win them the right way and can do it due to their experience and will to win them and thanks to their gear (I hardly see a high valored player having a poor gear and even if, here it comes the bolster). To play after tactics and especially they could be instances with 8 players ops, which we can see now only as ranked matches.

The "basic league" would be with players still levelling or willing to play pvp casually and they would find similar players.

Therefore, ideally both leagues would have balance because of their players being similar in their will and gear.


This would also create a sort of personal escalation of a player who aims to become a "Pro pvper" and therefore act, ask, do whatever is necessary and correct to do to become a good pvper!


Now, what happens when a player reach the defined valor rank (could be 50-60?) to pass over the next league? He chooses. A player is given the choice of decide whether to go on with his pvp story and thus valor and pass to the (supposedly) harder league of just stay at his point to be able to still play WZ but with chilly players, not willing and interested to play ranked.


As per current game status, I don't recall any particular use for valor rank except for the ranked comms, and such minimum requirement is valor 40.


This system/filter would probably lead to many other features but hopefully will allow 8 players organized in ops to do normal WZ, non organized groups but still with pro pvpers and probably it would ease this frustration to find a solution for those casual pvpers.


What do you think?


In the hope of having good feedback, farewell!

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