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Will we be getting Varl or Lehon/Rakata Prime?


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I have finished them both. There is no mention of Varl in either of them.


That doesn't mean we won't ever go there, I just wouldn't make the assumption that we will go there based off an old datamined leak.



at the end of Scum and Villainy, it's revealed that a part of the Hutt Cartel is under the influence of the Dread Masters, particularly Styrak. But the rest of the rogue Hutts are with the other five Dread Masters, and I'm sure they would relocate to a new planet, in this case, the corrupted home world of the Hutts (perfect for both of them. :p) would be the ideal choice.

And at the end of both Imperial and Republic Makeb storylines hint at "the future". Avesta sends in a mail about how certain Hutts don't like the idea of working with the Republic, and Darth Marr mentions that he will "contact us when we will be needed again."

Lets also not forget the expansion is called "Rise of the Hutt Cartel". It wasn't just a DLC for a new planet, by the sound of it, it will really "expand" the storyline, with more involvement of the Hutts.



All in all, Varl is not only possible, but is very likely!

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