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LF Emp guild weekend raiding


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UPDATED 6/29 - It won't let me edit the title but I am available weekdays too


Hi - I'm looking for a guild that either raids 1 or 2 nights a week - I am even happy to join a guild's alt run.


Here's what I'm looking for:

- an adult guild that isn't racist, homophobic, sexist, crude or vulgar.

- raids "casually" but still takes it seriously - everyone comes prepared, knows their class and the fight, after a wipe runbacks and the next try happen quickly etc.

- raids 1 or 2 nights a week max - prefer weekends


What I offer:

- I recently quit raiding in WoW after 6 years. I was in a top 40 25 man guild and was consistently parsed as one of the best hunters in the world - I only say that to let you know that I am an experienced gamer with a hard core raiding history. Which doesn't mean I don't like to have fun, it just means that if your guild is the kind of place where people stand in fire, or can't follow instructions - it isn't the guild for me.

- I have a Sorc and a Sniper - prefer to play the sniper

- I really would just like to be able to see the SWToR raids and progress through content. I'm not concerned about being on the leading edge of raiding anymore, but I would like to be able to take a serious crack at content on a more relaxed schedule.

- I quit WOW because it was becoming like a 2nd job - farming rep, farming VP, growing food, making pots and flasks, doing dailies, doing legendary quests, always having to be at the very pinnacle of raid strats and hunter theorycrafting - it was too much. I just want to have a good time and feel successful while raiding without things becoming a huge chore.


In closing, I've never raided in SWTOR - partly because I was so involved in WOW and didn't have the energy get involved with the end game in SWTOR. I've quit SWTOR several times because I get to the level cap and then don't really know what to do next. I've heard it's less confusing at lvl 55 than it was at 50 so I thought I'd give it a shot.


Let me know if you think your guild might be a good fit.

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Here at Light/Dark Holiday we are a casual guild that take a more relax yet progressive approach into raiding. We have multiple nights of raiding (including on the weekends) but you only need to sign up with the ones you wanted to do. We do have a minimum gear requirement, that is to keep wiping a little more control. You can bring any toon you wish and when you sign up you can assign the role you want to do or can do . We have lots of fun and success,


Take a look at our website and you c an see our calendar of events and our progression so far. We are about having fun and being successful and allowing everyone the chance to raid.


you can find us at http://rav.enjin.com/holidaymain or in game /who holiday and feel free to chat with any of our members.

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Transcéndent Commercial <



Transcéndent <www.transcendentgamers.com> is an active medium sized community formed with the goal of improving your gaming experience. We strive to provide a supportive and fun gaming environment, organized weekly events, and clear guild policy to prevent drama and elitism. Our roster is dominantly comprised of professionals, parents, couples, mature members active multiple times a week in game and within Mumble. The community frequently enjoys non-discriminatory humor that occasionally borders risqué. We cleanse our roster every 6 weeks to insure it is dominated by "Active" members that are enjoying the end game content together.


Our ideal applicants are mature, respectful, intelligent, and skilled players that understand the importance of balance between gaming and life. Transcéndent strikes this unique balance between a casual gaming and progression guild. Half the week there is PvP, dailys, comms runs. As scheduled Operations events arrive, mains switch to mission-mode with laser-like focus as half our Operations Teams are progression driven and require players whom are engaged in learning their class very well to help the team succeed against the elite end game content.


Infrastructure includes:

  • Mumble Server
  • Guild site with active forums and event calendar
  • Guild bank with 5 tabs
  • Peak hours roster ~ 25-35.
  • 3 OPS teams (2 with current openings)
  • Steam Community for multi-gaming fun.


If this sounds like a guild that you would enjoy being in; please reply to the thread, message Xeenguard in game, or message on our guild site. Currently there are openings on 2 of our OPS teams:

  • DPS for our Progression OPS team - Seal Team Sith
  • Start-up of a casual OPS team.


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If you are still looking please check us out. <The Enclave> is a casual PvE guild. What really sets us apart from most guilds is our size. We've tried to keep the guild to around 10-15 active members so that everyone is able to raid each week. Sound like something you are interested in? Please feel free to visit our website below for more information. Thanks, look forward to hearing from you soon.


Raid nights are Sunday Monday from 830-1030 EST

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If you're still searching for a guild, Anima Et Morte would be delighted to have you. We're extremely laid-back and very social. We take part in all aspects of the game (Leveling, all brackets of PVP, Ops, general debauchery, what have you) and are always looking for new friends.


If you're interested you can poke me here, contact me in game under the name Falenx or hit up one of the officers or GM by names; Kiirlas (GM), Zez, Zi'anna, Syxe, Chevaux or Taekat


Hope to hear from you soon



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<SR> also known as SinisteR is recruiting. We are a guild of casual players that have played together for about 10 years in games such as Star Wars Galaxies on the Starsider Server, World of Warcraft, Guildwars 2, etc. We have no main objective but to have fun and enjoy playing with friends. We have always been the type of guild that is more of a family that anything. Listed below are the type of things you can usually find us doing










We offer vent along with a forums which you can find at http://www.sinisterlegacy.com

Right now we are looking for new members to help us fill our ranks. We do have a few requirements to join the guild and they are listed below.


Must use vent

Forum activity to see when guild events are

Must be 21 and over


If anyone has any questions please feel free to let me know. Otherwise stop by our website and sign up


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