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Why can't diplomacy be normalized ?


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Seriously, this is a question that's bugging me a lot... What's the point of getting all the way to 55, and getting 450 diplomacy, and losing your dark/light title and regaining it 15-16 times a day? This is seriously bothering me. I maxed out my diplomacy, cool. I got an awesome dark-side title, cool. As much as I'd love to use it, I lose it 15 times a day, simply because half of the max diplomacy missions are lightside and half are darkside. In my honest opinion, it'd be only fair to make it so that if you're MAXED with a darkside/lightside, it will only give you the appropriate darkside/lightside diplomacy missions.


What is my evidence for this? Well, I was doing all of the diplomacy missions solely for companion gifts. Underworld trading is a mirror profession to diplomacy, as instead of medical supplies it gives metals, but still has an equal and correlating amount of companion gift missions. However, underworld trading doesn't cause you to lose your dark/light title 12 times in a row a day. I honestly don't get the point of the title at all if you have diplomacy, to be perfectly honest. In fact, someone who has underworld trading can do every single 401-450 mission in their book, and not have a single drawback against them. If you're diplomacy, however, you're punished for doing all of the missions. It's literally punishing you, as you have a choice to do half the missions and keep your title, or do them all and lose it. Underworld crafters never have this choice. They have no drawback, in-fact.


This isn't a rant, it's a rational, normal argument about an irrationally thought out profession. It's so frustrating, literally. I send 3 of my companions out on darkside companion gift missions, and before the 3rd one is sent, I clearly see like 3-4 darkside gift missions. After I send him out, all of them disappear, and only lightside companion gift missions are left. I have to search back to lvl 31-40 missions just to even find a darkside mission, and it's not rich or anything. it's simply abundant.


So my 2nd question would be... Why is it so abnormal? I completely don't understand how the skillbook for missions is missing half of them. I understand that when you max a profession, each bracket of it (11-20, 21-30, etc) should have moderate yield, bountiful yield, abundant yield, rich yield etc. When I send some of my companions out on rich yields in the 41-50 (there are no comp gifts for 51-55, unfairly enough....), the rich/abundant yields from EVERY other bracket disappear. Are you kidding me? How is this profession normal in any way? I assume it's the same with other gathering professions, but haven't had the time to check. It's like the rich/abundant missions randomly disappear once you've send 2 companions on rich/abundant in another bracket entirely. This is so stupid, to be honest. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

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