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2.0 Heals or Tank pvp who is having more fun ?


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Greetings troopers, I wanted to take a break from sabers and dps in the pvp world and I wanted to take a try at a support role. With the new changes who is having having fun supporting the team ? I'm attracted to the heals / charge / and pull of a vanguard. The heals look fun, is some pugs I have encountered some amazing heals from a trooper and electronet looks awesome ! not till 51 though. So I ask as a new trooper, with the new changes who is having fun in pvp with their tanks or healers and why ?


P.S. I am a casual player who mostly Q's for pugs and an occasional FP.

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I'm a big proponent of playing whatever the heck you feel like playing. The most miserable people in the MMO world are those that forever chase the top bracket, as that top bracket is always changing. If you like the idea of healing, Commando is quite fun (I'm only 25 with mine, but he's great in PVE and PVP, with the of course occasional issue of PUGing where the tank doesn't guard you in PVE or your team ignores the fact that the other team is triple-teaming you because you heal things). If you feel like tanking, go for that.


Commando is more about the move, then plant to do stuff (be it heal or add to damage) while Vanguard feels more mobile. If either one sounds like more fun, go for it and enjoy the ride. Ignore the griping of the top bracket crowd--no need to join them in their inevitable misery.


I should add that 2.0 made Commando a lot better at healing, to my mind. You automatically get Kolto Bomb and it got buffed, so your on the move aoe heal is quite nice to go with your strong, ST channeled heals. It made for a nice boost in my experience, and electro net will help out a lot for when someone wants to lolsmash the healer.

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