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How do I Play With a Controller??


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Ok, so just recently I found out I can play my computer games, especially Star Wars with a PS3 controller, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it.


Now, most people I know consider me quite good with the computer, but if I'm honest, reading those threads and topics regarding this, I don't understand a thing. I am an idiot compared to these people who can figure this out through such simple instructions.


So if anyone can explain it to me, as if I was 5 years old, I'd really appreciate it. I'm desperate here.

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Welcome to a superior playstyle! It takes a while to place the abilities in a way that's comfortable to you but it's worth it. I suggest using xpadder. It's not the best but it gets the job done. Here's a few tips with controller key binding that I've realized after playing this game with a controller for over a year;


Don't disregard the mouse. Yes we've chosen to use a controller for a reason but belive me in this game a mouse is required. At least to activate nodes and interact with conversations and the interface in general. So keep your mouse near by.


As you gain abilities you will quickly run out of buttons for them. You can rectify this by binding multiple keys to the same buttons. For example my movement keys WASD are also bound with melee attacks. My restealth and force speed are also under the same button allowing for easy escape. I've also activated the full 8 axies of the joystick to utilise as many keybinds as possible.


Make alternate character keybinds similar. Any ability that is shared between classes such as stun, interrupt or charge should by the same button on all alternate characters made. That why when playing them you won't need to completly relearn your button lay outs.


Keep tweaking button key binds. Till this day I still make adjustments to my controls that make the combat more enjoyable. Your first controller set up wont be the best but before long you will have tweaked your controller to be an extension of your brain. Keep emproving and testing out new ideas.


Good luck I hope this helps.

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Started SWTOR as F2P a couple weeks ago and I liked it enough to subscribe but I had to find a way to keep playing in spite of a bad case of tennis elbow.


Xbox controller along with Xpadder works very well for me! Despite the "X" in its name, it is not limited to the Xbox controller.


Making up your first layout will require a bit of reading but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy to adapt. The Xpadder web site has a very good series of tutorials too.


I've got 8 active characters (levels 10-20) and, so far, I got away with all of them sharing one layout.


As "the-darkest-one" mentioned, I too play with keyboard, mouse, and controller. If you plan on replacing K&M with controller alone, you may be disapointed. In my case, I just wanted a way to avoid using the mouse as much as possible.


Good luck!

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