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Really Enjoyed Makeb's Story.


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For the Imperial side, I felt the Makeb story was some of the best content yet. I didn't even care if it wasn't class story content. I felt very connected to the conflict as an Imperial Agent, and it was a reasonable transition from my class story. The missions didn't always it the mark, but when it did, it beyond a doubt did. Lord Cytharat was a true ****** character and I do appreciate the Same Gender Romance. Katha Niar is without a doubt one of my favorite game characters yet, and no spoilers, but her ending was really emotional impactful. The Archon was a really fun villain, and the main story had some really good fights.


I also liked how in Makeb, the story was more focused. The main story is voice acted and given cutscenes, and instead of wasting time and resources on monotonous conversations constantly spacebarred through, the voice acted side missions and heroic missions given cutscenes are more focused and of a higher quality, and they do well to contribute to the main story. Lesser quantity, but higher quality. I would take the two voice acted side quests, The Lurker and Retribution From the Skies, and the two really good heroic missions with great stories, scenery and film sequences, The Observer and The Specialists, over a million and one sh*tty quests with voice acting for the sake of voice acting and little effort.


I know I stand as I minority, but this is how I would like the storytelling from now on. Focused and high energy, and a few side and group missions that do have cutscenes should contribute to the planet or the main story, and just have effort put into them, instead of ten minutes of learning how to kill a womp rat. The rest being terminal is fine. As I said, quality over quantity, and Makeb represents that better than anything. But it was a bit too short ;)


I do suppose I should try the Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular stories now, I hope those are good. The Shroud seems like a really interesting character. Peace!

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