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BUG: Crew missions for scavenging, bioanalysis, and archeology


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I have come to dread the mission return results for all but the moderate crew skill missions for scavenging, bioanalysis, and archeology because critical results mean, pretty much without fail, blue materials that have no use.


At first I thought these useless materials might be a means for giving crafters a chance to break even on the materials missions from crew skills, but the cost in time aside, the blue materials fail to pay for themselves.


Hollinium (225 credit each sellback value)

Perfect Carbonic Crystal (150 credit each sellback value)

Viral residue (75 credit each sellback value)



And the worst part is that having all of my companions at max affection means I'm more likely to get more of these garbage materials than useful materials. Is there no way we can get the useless blue materials transformed into useful green materials OR, at the very least, elevated to a credit value nearly equal to their mission cost?


I can appreciate the desire on the behalf of the developers to throttle crew mission return results so players have an incentive to scour the landscape for materials, but this feels like a punishment for running crew skill missions.

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