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Feedback to Bioware about Character Customization


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I really enjoy being able to use pieces of gear that I like forever by just switching out armorings and mods. Some of your armor sets are gorgeous and some not so much (personal opinion).


What I can't understand though is why you keep removing armor and crystals from the game permanently. Some people's favorite armor sets were among the Centurion/Champion/Tionese/Columi/Rakata armor sets that cannot be acquired in any way shape or form. Battlemaster, War hero and Elite War Hero technically COULD be gotten if someone on your server purchased all the schematics and sells them on the GTN, but that seems to be very rare (at least on Jung Ma).


The Black-Blue, Black-Red, Black-Purple crystals can only be crafted if you had gotten enough Rakata weapons pre-2.0 to reverse engineer the schematics post-2.0 and sell them for un-Godly amounts of money. :confused:


I'd prefer to see them come back in some other fashion but if all else fails please make them available in the Cartel Market. I'd like to use the art and armor you've created to make my character look how I want to look. Could you please stop removing some of our options?

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