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A list of many things


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Hello, I have a list of several things that have been slowly building up during my time playing.


First, an in game suggestion box. It took me a while to even realize there was a suggestion forum, and to go through all 1001 pages to see if someone has brought up my suggestions seems harsh for everyone. If you could bring up the major points players have brought up in game and allow people to see that their ideas have already been voiced, it may help alleviate the huge amount of posts. You could also have players do a simple vote on major things you are working on or to see what players want most. If you could see the population of the game swaying to one thing or another without having to did through forums, we could all benefit.


Character re-customization - I believe it was said that you are working on being able to have players change their characters looks later and will tie it to the Cartel Market. I'm glad it will be in, but a little sad that it will use cartel coins instead of credits. Since it is going to use cartel coins please make sure that you can preview your changes before spending cartel coins. This may also be a good time to offer more hairstyles, tattoos, etc.


Ship customization - It may be to hard to let players change the outside of their ships, but can we do more decorating on the inside? We already have the target dummies and mailboxes that we can use in ships. Is it possible to change the lighting, furniture, and paint? Maybe add pictures, or relics that give your ship a personal touch, or trophies you've gained through your adventures having a place to be displayed.


More first person views - The macrobinoculars that have recently been added are very fun. Could the first person perspective of them be expanded upon. Quests where you are in a turret and shoot down ships from first person view could be a lot of fun. These quests could be repeatable and offer players another form of vehicular pass time besides the space missions. Or even combine the two and man a turret on a ship as it goes through space.


Mini games - Star Wars has a lot of various pass times presented throughout the books and movies. A few of these could add a lot of depth to the game and make it feel more like a real star wars galaxy. Pazaak games, maybe even have rare cards drop while questing, players could play with each other or an npc, and maybe play for stakes. Make the casino games of Nar Shadaa usable, give players a reason to hang out there. Swoop or pod races could be another vehicle quest players could do, and like the ships outfit their racers with better parts to get into the tougher races. If it is to much to have players race each other even racing AI opponents would be a lot of fun. Betting arenas could add another form of pvp content. One on one matches that other players can place bets on, the fighters could attempt to excel at these and become a well known duelist people bet on and watch.


Bounty hunter jet packs - When the game came out I was most excited to play a bounty hunter, mostly because of the jet packs, but some of the newer armors don't have working packs. Its a small thing but having a jet pack that doesn't do anything really kills it for me. The armors clearly have a jet pack but all I get are the little flames on feet. That jet pack was one of the coolest things I got to have as a bounty hunter, but lately I don't get to enjoy it. On another pack related note it would be nice if the packs could do more than just let me hover in place. NPC's are seen using them to fly into combat, why can't mine? You don't need to change combat or allow bounty hunters to fly around, but scripted events where we can actually use our packs to get somewhere would be really cool.


Lightsaber affects - I really like the new affects on the newer lightsabers, giving a lot more visual differences to weapons that can be be very samey. I am sad how some affects are almost invisible outside of the preview window. I finally got a Ziost's Guardians lightsaber and put in a black and purple crystal thinking it would be the perfect weapon for my lightning inquisitor. Unfortunately the affect on the saber is completely gone outside of extreme closeups. I like the affects on sabers, please make them more apparent for certain ones.


VIP area - I managed to get one million credits and was very excited to see what was in the VIP area of fleet that would warrant such a steep entry fee. To my dismay all I found was everything that was in the lower level of the station, a vendor I can't use, and a vendor that sells a single extremely expensive speeder. I still feel quite robbed by the purchase of the VIP wrist band. For one million credits I should see a lot of stuff up there I can't see anywhere else. If the area was bigger more vendors could set up shop and offer exclusive items, at a reasonable price, that people would feel awesome about showing off to the non VIP members of fleet. If things such as ship customization or more character customization options do appear, the VIP area could have some of the much fancier things to buy for those.


That is all I have for now, thank you for taking the time to read this. I am really enjoying the new content in the expansion and like the variety beginning to be offered. I look forward to seeing what will come in the months ahead.


Thank you

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