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Old Armour, Affection and Alignment


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Greetings fellow TOR players,


I have a few suggestions that I am looking for feedback on. Have no fear; my cloak is flame retardant, so all will be well.


Firstly, I can't be the only one who feels that the artists behind some of the earlier gear sets deserve more credit for their work than to simply have it fade into obscurity. As such, I would very much like to see the return of earlier gear sets (Rakata for example) in the form of mod-able gear sets to allow us folks who enjoy the aesthetics of our characters to appreciate the work that has been up until now. I would even understand if those items had something akin to a [Replica] tag to distinguish those who acquired the items as current content, to those who are only now getting around to it; thoughts?


Secondly, I was recently doing a daily and chose a conversation option that my companion didn't agree with. Given my exuberant mashing of the spacebar I missed the -affection. After completing the quest I noticed my companion was then at 9999/10000 affection, and subsequently lost the crafting bonuses gained from 10k affection. Therefore I would like to put forward the suggestion of being able to lock companion affection once you've hit the 10k mark, thereby removing the risk of losing those bonuses, and removing the annoyance that is hunting a companion gift to remedy the situation.


As above, the same could also apply to alignment. Granted that this would certainly have impacts on the RP community, in that if you could lock your alignment, which would be akin to removing karma from your actions. That said, I'm levelling Diplomacy at the moment and feel somewhat restrained to only choosing mission of a specific alignment. I also know of at least two individuals that enjoy the look of Dark Side III, but not Dark Side IV, as another example. This one might be a bit of a stretch; however I chose to include it for completeness sake. Feel free to express your opinions.


TL;DR: I would like the game's artists to be appreciated for their work and to look cool at the same time by bringing back replica versions of old armour sets. I would also like to be able to lock companion affection to prevent quick conversation decisions from negatively impacting crafting ability, and thirdly I have suggested being able to lock your alignment in some form. Details are all outlined above, please read before expressing extreme points of view.


Thanks for reading, may the force be with you.


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