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Quick rotation question.


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Charge->crush->battering assault->smash at 3 stacks of shockwave.


If charge is on cd use obliterate, if crush is on cd use berserk.


Anything with assault in its name and force scream lower the cd of smash by 1s.


Don't forget that scream is free after charge and obliterate.

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Don't think of it like a rotation. It's a priority system, with specific goals. Your goal is to push out smashes as fast as possible and make sure that every smash has a 3 stack of shockwave and an auto crit buff from either charge or obliterate.


Let's say you start fresh in a warzone. You should pop your Frenzy about so that you have about 10 seconds left on your 30 stack of fury before you enter combat, or thereabouts. This is so that your frenzy comes up again sooner in the match. Before you charge in, Berserk, then Smash. This is an instant smash on usually a good chunk of people as they all clump up to run into an area. Now, you have a full rage bar and the smash 9% damage buff for 10 seconds, and maybe even a 10% damage boost from charge (from pvp set bonus).


Directly after a smash, you have priorities. Your first priority is to make sure that you have 3 stacks up again when you need them for smash. Don't delay it, get them up ASAP. This means using Force Crush usually. Now, you have some options. You still have the damage buff up from smash, and this is the ideal time to use Ravage as it will do increased damage. However, Ravaging now does not build fury OR reduce smash cooldown, and the chances are high that it will be interrupted, and someone may even knock you back because you used it. Typically, it is worth using Ravage here if you are trying to focus down a healer and/or that player is stunned. Otherwise, use Force Scream, then Vicious slash until you have 2-3 seconds left on smash cooldown. Now Obliterate, and smash again. Why do we save Obliterate? It's personal preference, but I like to keep one of my leap abilities handy so that I can guarantee a good smash when it comes off cooldown. If you Obliterate early, you may run the risk of being snared, rooted, knocked back, etc, and be unable to get into smash position. Obliterate fixes this. You can Obliterate a target while rooted or snared. The root or snare will still apply to you when you reach your target, but you will be in position to smash. Now that you are positioned, smash. At this point, you should have Berserk up or it should be very close to up. If it isn't Vicious slash or Force Scream to get it up, then hit berserk. Directly after hitting Berserk is an excellent time to use Ravage. Why? Because you cannot build Fury stacks while you have Berserk stacks up from using berserk and building rage. You will end up wasting Rage and not getting the fury benefit. Usually this does not matter, as you will get some fury from being hit, as well as rage, but occasiionally you will starve your self of fury and/or rage. This is much more rare in 2.0, but it can happen. This is also an ideal time to Ravage because you just smashed, meaning you will do extra damage.. Finish Ravage with a Force Scream. At any time during this, if the target is below 30%, use Vicious throw. Keep going with the priority system, getting stacks up ASAP, using charge / oblit for mobility and your auto crit stack. Use force scream on cooldown, followed by vicious slashes to get your smash back up.


That may sound complex, but the key points are:


-If starting off a fight cold (no rage / fury), use Frenzy and Berserk for full rage bar + 3 stack.

-Charge is preferred to Oblit for Auto Crit buff because it builds Rage and gives a 10% dps buff with PvP set bonus.

-You should be using Force Crush for every other 3 stack buff, and Berserk for every other. You will see that the rotation works out for this well.

-In a perfect world, you will end up with 30 Fury right as smash comes off cooldown once every 30 seconds. You will then Smash, Berserk, Ravage, Force Scream, Obliterate, and Vicious throw. This is a near guaranteed kill. If they don't get down to 30%, Vicious Slash.

-Your Priority is always 3 stack > Auto crit buff > Smash > Reduce Smash cooldown in most efficient way possible (meaning Force Scream > vicious throw > vicious slash)


Tips & Tricks:


Rupture is not often used as Rage, but it is a low cost ability with decent damage output that will help get you to 30 stack of Fury in a pinch.


In a 1 on 1 situation, a lethal combo to use is the following:





Force Crush


Force Choke




Force Scream

Vicious Slash / Throw


Remember, Force Cloak is not on the GCD. The best time to use Force Cloak is to mitigate another players defensive ability OR to reduce damage taken. For instance, if you get charged, you are likely about to be smashed. Use force cloak while moving, and you have about a 75% chance to simply dodge the smash altogether, and a 100% chance to reduce the damage it does by 50%. Force Cloak is not only Defensive though, it is also offensive. People tend to run from you, or "unclump" / scatter when they see you if you are a well known smash marauder. If you see a group of 4-5 clustered, but just KNOW that if you try to walk into it to smash you will get stunned/cced/snared and they will get away / spread out, you can use Force Cloak to quickly run in, hit the center most target with an Oblit, and Smash everyone for a 30-40k godly burst of damage. After this, you can use a Cybertech Grenade or your point blank AOE Mez to stun them and pick on the most important person in the group (usually the healer or the person with the lowest health) while the rest are stunned. If done properly, you can CC an entire group of 5 and get TWO full smashes off on them. Two marauders coordinating this correctly can take out an entire group, assuming no one interrupts their Mezes.


Don't forget about Deadly Throw. If the other team has healers, a 10% heal debuff can do wonders for taking a target down. Also, it is another ability to use if you get knocked out of melee range.


Double Saber Throw!!!! It is an awesome ability and a great Rage builder. It does good single target damage, but it's real strength is when you line yourself up to use it on 4+ people, preferably clumped people, that you have just smashed. This can give some SERIOUS burst.


You are a living weapon. Every second that you are not stunned should be spent attacking something. This means utilizing your ranged abilities when you are knocked out of range of melee! It takes some practice, but get used to using Force Scream, Vicious throw / Deadly Throw, Double Saber Throw, or of course obliterate to get back into range. When you are knocked back, you should be filling every GCD with an ability, even if it does not do a ton of damage.


Be aware of your surroundings and be able to swap targets on the fly. Pay attention to what others are attacking. if you see another marauder trying to take down a healer or high priority DPS, HELP THEM ffs. Even if someone is attacking what you consider to be the incorrect target, 2-3 people attacking the wrong target is better than 1 person attacking the right target with the others doing something else. Killing healers by yourself is especially hard in 2.0. Coordination is needed.


Bind your target markers and get used to marking healers and high priority DPS (Squishy, high damage dps like Operatives, DPS Assassins, Sorcs, Powertechs / Mercs, and Juggs). Marauders should not be your target of choice because they have a big aoe reduction talent. Snipers, although annoying as hell, are also very difficult to take down for us, and many times you are actually better beating on a target with less cc/stun/knockback/snare and letting the sniper hit you. Snipers are a good target to CC while you take out other high priority DPS and heals.


Defensive Cooldowns! Use them, wisely. Remember, the time to use your defensives (cloak of pain / Saber Ward) is BEFORE you have taken 70% of your hp in damage. Use them to PREVENT a large chunk of that damage. Your Oh Crap button is Undying Rage. For maximum effectiveness, use Undying Rage + Medpack. When you drop low like this, healers are more likely to see you, and toss a heal to you. The number of times that Undying rage + Medpack has saved me.. too many to count. It is probably the msot overpowered defensive ability in the game. I can be at the brink of death, turn on 4 second Godmode, medpack for 15% of my hp, and suddenly 2-3 heals hit me and I'm back at full, and all the time that the enemy used trying to kill me was wasted, because I am topped off. Force choke can also be used defensively/offensively. Use it to lock down a dps that is about to kill you, or to prevent a healer for casting. Smash, Force Crush, Force Choke, while your allies beat on the healer as well, and they will go down and be unable to kill anything. A stunned healer is 100x easier to kill than one that isn't.


OBFUSCATE!!! Primarily on other marauders (especially carnage, but all maras are good) and juggs. If you see a particularly nasty mara in the game focusing your healer, make sure you obfuscate him as much as possible.


I could go on forever, but .. that's enough for now. Hope it helps.

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