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The problem with 2.0 and PvP


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Before I start any rant, or rave or anything first ill post my Specs to the system. And if anyone has Idea how to fix it, please Let me know.

OS: Windows 7 64bit

Memory: 12gb DDR3 Ram

CPU: Intel I5 2.7 Quad Core

Video Card: Nvidia 9800 GTX 512gb Video


Problem: Every time.... I can be in fleet or populated zone like makeb.... and I have no video or game lag. As soon as i get into Hardmode 55 Flashpoints, latency increases from 27 ms to over 10,000 ms(10 Sec). In Pvp... its worse, i get lag plus my fps makes it so by the time stealthys break out of stealth with an attack im dead. Or the fact i use a skill and it goes on CD but there is no effect. There are many posts already about how the servers are over populated, lagging and broken. But how is it than in many MMO's My computer can handle 40x40 pvp or 30x30... yet in swtor Warzones it cant even run 8 on 8.


Bioware, Im an IT engineer and the problem is on your end, your servers cannot hande the player base capacity... Either upgrade your server capacity and gameplay availability or many players will leave...


Fellow Players: if you experienced this its not your fault.... its the game developers.


However: players who have fixed this problem so I can post a forum on enhancing gameplay.

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I had many of these same issues and I found out that my older phenom 4 processor had a throttle on it that was not even needed. I took care of it and fixed 80%. Still after 2.0 my latency has increased from 57-70 that was steady to 97 and bounces back and forth. I know this for a fact because I got into the habit of watching everything.


I work with graphics software and application devs. The issues here are one I have run into on a smaller basis. To many variables that becomes some one else job. There are many issues with comcast customers and multiple patches on patches for hardware.


SO good luck. Just trouble shoot all of your pieces - again and again. Only help I can give.

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