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Active player looking for raid guild.


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Hello, I'm 29 yrs old 30 in june so I'd prefer a matured guild I am on Australian/Japanese timezone


I just recently resubbed a few days ago I have a few toons already over 20 or 30, I enjoy them all

one thing swtor did right its the classes for me i love them all. That being said i would love to

raid or at least be in a guild with the chance to raid in the future.


I have a 36 jug, 11 mara, 23 operative, 32 assassin, 26 vanguard, 12 sorc, 10 sniper.


I don't mind what i play to be honest i love all my characters are there any guilds out there

with a need for a certain class leave a message or pst me


Wouldn't mind rated pvp either


Thanks for reading

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forgot stuffs
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