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Gear Ratings / Acquisition Order Naming


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First off I'd like to say I love your use of Arkanian and Verpine word use for gear. Its very starwarsy and Iconic to me. But I think the order should have been like so. Black Market, Underworld, "Ancient" Artifact, Arkanian and Verpine. It makes more sense to me. But that small fries really. I added the word Ancient to Artifact mainly because I remember how excited I was playing KOTOR when I would find something like Qel-Droma robes. To me that was an Artifact. And we have Qel Droma Ancestry Blade in game now. :D That's not armor but you understand my meaning.


Speaking of beating dead horses and armor. Wouldn't be a cool, even nice gesture to added the removed Armor to schematics? For people to at least complete their current sets they may already have. And give additional items for craters to make and sell, always a good thing I think. This would produce more economy within the game and make some people happy that have the Armor. While people who don't like the armor set, well don't have to buy it obviously. Add it to the end of their respected crafting skills. Think there's enough for both Armormechs and Synthweavers!


Thanks for reading !

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