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If you want something more than just a "kewl" tag under your name, then join The Incredibles! Since 2004, our gaming community has offered a (mostly) mature environment where the person behind the keyboard--not the character they play or the gear it has--is valued. We offer a guild bank, a long-running forum, Mumble server and an established leadership team that works hard to make sure that all members have a pleasant, stable environment in whatever game we’re playing.


Though we run Ops, we are not a "raiding" guild. Though we PvP, we are not a PvP guild. We have both casual and hardcore players. As we are fond of saying, "SWTOR is a game. The Incredibles Guild is a community. If you don't understand that distinction, then you probably don't understand this guild."


We're re-assembling our core 8-man Ops team to tackle the 2.0 content, and run on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays from 8-11pm CDT.


If you are interested in running with us to see if we're the right fit for you, you can contact us in a variety of ways:


respond to this post;

contact ingame: Our Recruitment Officer is Idrin, our GM is Laohastwoguns, or me on Snarl;

go to our forum and post an application in the Recruitment section.

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So you guys are an RP guild?


Well, we do stay away from trolling and "leetspeek". And we speak in complete sentences...at least until the third round of drinks on Ops nights kick in. :)


But to take your question at face value--and because it's about time for a bump--no, we are most definitely not an RP guild.


Currently we are running 8man Ops on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Sunday and Tuesday are from 8-11 CDT, Monday is 7-10CDT.


We are tackling S&V SM, having downed 5/7 on the first night we attempted the content. We have TfB SM on farm. So we don't devour content, but sample and savor its deliciousness. Folks, if you're interested in playing the game with people that are really more about having fun than having BiS gear, look us up!

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