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does anyone have a decent LEVELING build in order for PvP?


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im not doing very good albeit still low level in pre 55's ... i am looking for advice on a decent pvp leveling build and a basic rotation to start with ...


ive tried about the first 8 skill points up the tanking tree but i think im really a lot more squishy than i was hoping so might try a dps spec ..? i just am not sure


in order they should be taken would be of great assistance as well as i level


i was wanting to level in the tanking tree but i just am not sure that is good now after several levels in pvp now

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Buy Field Respecc and try out yourself.


I for myself always go with 7 Infiltration For Runspeed while Stealthed, 13 Madness for AoE-Ownage.

Rest is completely like I feel at the moment. Sometimes I respecc twice an hour.

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