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All I would like that the "former and current" cartel coins rewards will be return, because i'm not going to waste my time to spend money with this (40$ taxes for 5500 cartel coins is a bit a lot in my oppinion for now). :mad:


oh well, i just stress for nothing, and because i would like to get all my fav race for my legacy (NOT all of us, just for my fav)


the things i will like to see in update, is that cartel coins's cost will be reduce:


450 CC = 1.99$

1050 CC = 4.99$

2400 CC = 9.99$

5500 CC = 14.99$


OR that the cartel coins will be increase (and that would save 50% for the best deal):


1050 CC = 4.99$

2400 CC = 9.99$

5500 CC = 19.99$

10000 CC = 29.99$


that would be much better for people who want to enjoy spending cartel coins and just to avoid hacker, to be a hacker or being hacked (like PriceRebel.com).

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