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Not seeing the problem with patch. Help me out.


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Took time from leveling my shadow to play augmented wh/ewh 50 marauder. Didn't replace crystals, just put all my gear on and solo queued up. I took my relics on and off. The stats with relics were better.Was using pve armoring 27/pvp mods on the belt bracers (guess we are not supposed to do this), that I had due to previous min/maxing.




Had 25k health, did like 900 dps in the WZ. What is wrong here? I sure as hell didn't feel gimped. All I see is better stats to level to 55 with (good thing).


Or are we complaining that 50 gear is not better then 55 pve gear? Well duh. Is this the first mmo you played? You have no idea how good you have it.


In WoW every expansion (and sometimes every new arena season/content patch), I was FORCED to raid to be competitive in high end arena (had the best gear, which isn't a problem in this gear as the best gear is available to everyone, which I like). The trinkets and weapons were stupidly better then the old expansion, and even solo quests had gear better then the old expansion, and the players were blocked from getting arena weapons for quite awhile, which were close to = with raid weapons (sometimes the raid weapons were vastly superior to the lower pvp weapon).


I am sorry but anyone who thought pre expansion gear was going to be the most viable in post expansion pvp while grinding a pvp set? No. Be glad you can even compete in it. Of course raiding weapons will be better. Whoop de do. They have better stuff for all of 2 days of you grinding?


I don't plan on stepping foot in a raid, and any purely pvp player should have capped ranked/non ranked before you even hit 50. I will be slightly gimped for 2 days? OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD.


1) arena/ranked WZ's isn't the only gateway (would be ranked in this game) to better gear in this game. So who cares.


2) If the stats are even close to 55 pve gear? You should be ecstatic, because that means you don't have to pve at all.


3) I am not saying the bolster system is perfect, but the expansion is brand new, and all I see are improvements being made. try constructive criticism, instead of making "I QUIT" posts.


In before I get called a Bioware boot licker (when I say things are fine), even though I get called a whiner if I do see an issue with the game or a class. LOL at this forum :).

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yeah i don't know, it seems that all the people who don't pvp for a job ( every day pvp) are happy, and everyone else who lives and dies by swtor pvp is crying foul.


I agree with OP, my pvp experience has been far better now that i can acctually kill stuff with my sage. It seems as though a lot of people only play one toon which most of the time happens to be a PT or a Vanguard or a smasher.


Now... if I ONLY PLAYED a PT or VAN or SMASHER, 1 toon only and only played that toon with the intent on making it as best as i can (#1 in the world) by not distracting myself with other classes i might be a little upset. Yeah PT's and Vans had it nice in pvp for awhile, you guys were the end all be all of dps burst FACEROLL class in pvp on swtor.


Now in 2.0, as a sage TK dps, i can facetank PT's and smashers. Before, in the past, any PT whether he was good or not could come up and 3 shot a sage. HELLO, you still can, it's just that the sages aren't tickling you anymore and are outright burning you down. I dont' know how many smashers and PT's i've seen quit/leave warzones in the last 5 days from getting killed over and over by a sage.


AHHHH...... feels good don't it, welcome to healer's world without a tank guarding them pre 2.0, minus the 4 or 5 healers game wide who are just godly and it didn't matter back then you couldn't kill them anyway.


I'm just glad that i can now kill those glass cannons, and i don't feel like i'm hitting them with popcornDPS that did little more than just tickle said glass cannon while they do 25k dps in 3 GCD's.


From that point of view i can understand why a lot of you who ONLY PLAY 1 toon and it happens to be the one that BW nerfed into the ground want to quit playing. It benefits you very little by posting on here about how much you hate pvp. If you need to kill someone in 3 gcd's and not take any dmg while doing so to feel good about pvp, roll a shadow or assassin. I hear they are OP nowdays. OR.... roll a scoundrel/op healer, takes 4-5 people to kill them, mine included.


I am also noticing from reading MANY forum posts that most of the QQ is coming from one faction. Also am noticing that the QQ is coming from 2 specific AC's and 9 times out of 10 those people only have the one toon whether it be because of real life/work/kids/school etc etc. Which sucks, cause i learned last year when the game first came out it pays dividends to have more than one toon. They break one, I play the other one problem solved.

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The people who are complaining are not complaining because things are terrible in Warzones where bolster makes up for the Expertise removed from the WH/EWH gear. They are complaining from a world PvP perspective because they are on a PvP server, and despite world PvP no being great, it still happens in this game. This is especially true for Makeb.


Essentially for those that play on a PvP server and are leveling or doing daily missions on Makeb it is incredibly painful without the expertise on EWH now. They are getting crushed by those who got early access or rushed to 55, and are already in full partisan or higher PvP gear or those who have higher quality PvE gear. Prior to the change the Expertise allowed them to at least fight back and make things competitive despite the difference in main stat/END compared to partisan geared players.


There are also other issues popping up with regards to bolster. The bolster change is great but it has so many bugs and issues at the moment. It was pushed into the game before it was ready, just like how this game launched before it was truly ready. I love the game but the quality assurance in this game is extremely lacking.

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