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SWTOR fanboys>>WOW fanbois etc..


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Its ridiculous you cant ask anything without getting flamed by some overhyped swtor fanboy


and i love this game dont get me wrong but ive seen things like this alot.


Someone asks simple harmless question like :


Q: Why are they stopping waves at 5



then crazed fanboy responds(which actually doesnt know the answer or is just as clueless as the OP)


A : go back to wow...this isnt the game for you....bioware does this because______ and bioware did this because______and this is why bioware __________ and go back to wow flamflameflameragerage


Calm DOWN you are ruining the community you are so crazily insane about

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Although I agree with you the rage is strong in the air... There is a lot of "I SHOULD BE IN IT BECAUSE I ORDERED 5MINS BEFORE THAT GUY!?!?!?!?!?!"


I see early access as a bonus that hopefully I'll get into before the weekend. If not my life isn't over i'm not going to combust into a ball of raging flame.


People on these forums are unreal yes I can understand some people have been waiting for years, I haven't but even games what I have (Diablo 3) I wouldn't rage and insult people or say "ITS GONNA FAIL JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET INTO EARLY ACCESS *CRY*". People really need to just chill the F out...

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