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“Order of Veritas” (The Harbinger, Imperial) – Recruiting!!


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We are looking for active players to join our growing community. If you are tired of playing SWTOR on your own or just looking for a new place to hang your hat, come join us!


We are accepting players of all skill level and experience playing MMOs.


We are a young and growing guild.. We have many friendly and knowledgeable players to help you on your journey to greatness! Whether you only want to do PvE content or like to PvP, we like to participate in all that SWTOR has to offer!


Many of our members are still leveling their characters or playing ALTs while we grow and are able to start full guild end game content (HM Flashpoints, and SM Operations). We currently have 6 people with level 50 toons and many more on the rise.


We have a Website (http://www.veritasgaming.com), Forums, and a TeamSpeak 3 Server with a great group of people to play and talk with.


We are an 18+ guild, but exceptions are made for younger whose maturity is beyond their years!


Please Contact Sara’beth, Tasras, Zeveron, Yags. Faeden, or Zachaelen (alt Tythrick), or visit our guild’s website. http://www.veritasgaming.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


Peace is a Lie!

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