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Danthis O'dar #2


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While tearing apart two used and badly damaged swoops, you get a call on the holo-transceiver. You pull yourself out from under one of the bikes, wipe your hands on a nearby rag, and answer the call. The tiny blue image of a fat, hairy Toydarian materializes in front of you.


“What do you want Garn? I told you I would have the two swoops torn down by tomorrow.”


Garn flutters in and out of view, his stunted wings beating furiously, “Uhhh…I need to see you about the job.”


“Garn you know I don’t like changing a deal after starting work. If you want to renegotiate, fine. But over the Holo ok, I’m busy.”


“No, no. That’s not it. I…” Garn scratches his brown and bulbous snout, “need to see you in perssonn. Come to the parts yard okayy? I’ll pay you for the time huh.”


Something isn’t right here. Garn is definitely afraid of something - or someone.


“I’ll be over.” You say hesitantly, shutting down the holo. The grainy blue image of the nervous Toydarian fades away.


That was odd.


Anybody could see Garn was not in his right skin. Garn wasn’t just nervous; he was terrified. He tried to hide it from you but failed.


As far back as you can remember you have had a certain feeling when dealing with others. A hunch some would call it but it’s more than a hunch, at times it becomes overwhelming. Strong emotions hit you like Kuati spice wine. When that happens you become disoriented.


At other times you just seem to know when people are lying.


If you didn’t need his business so badly you would tell Garn to beat his stubby wings into the upper atmosphere and get blown away, but instead you walk into a dark alcove just off the main repair bay, open a locker and grab a Republic blaster pistol.


You shove the tiny blaster securely between your tool belt and your left hip.


You have a bad feeling about this.



Do you close down shop and take X7-3 with you?

(read entry 3a)


Do you leave X7-3 in charge of the shop* and go alone?

(read entry 3b)


* X7-3 is capable of performing routine tasks that don't include security, but he doesn't deal with customers very well.

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