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Sniper LF ranked team

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Hey all,


I am looking for a home on a ranked team for my sniper toon. I have extensive Player VS Player experience starting from old school Counter Strike, Everquest, Age Of Conan, Warhammer and of course the notorious World Of Warcraft where I have scored a Gladiator rating over several seasons in Arena 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 teams. Have experience in leading a team in the 15 man battlegrounds for over 2 years. Looking for a team who's goal is to win at all costs and if you have an issue with being elitist about that - well I like winning like everybody else. Was thinking on putting a team together on this server also, but in warzones I already see some very skilled groups and figured i will put a word out. Don't hesitate to send me a message on Counter-Strike, I am willing to try out or apply on whatever your guild/team ruleset is. Do not mind being benched in your team until I earn the spot or to swap if neccessary for a certain "cookie-cutter" against other teams. Stay well and stay competitive!


Counter-strike (Empire)

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