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Ascendancy of Tython (Republic guild)


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<Ascendancy of Tython>


AoT is now recruiting active, social players of all levels.

About us

We are a Republic Co-faction guild, our Imperial counter-part is Ascendancy of Korriban. AoT is a large guild currently consisting of 176+ members, in which we aim to bring an enjoyable community for all members. AoT is adult themed meaning we use adult language and adult humor, we are Moderate-Casual players that enjoy all aspects of the game, leveling characters, running flashpoint’s both Hard mode and Story Mode, PvP, World bosses, world events and Ops Story as well as Hard mode. Whether you are new or a seasoned veteran of swtor our guild will help you whether it's to gear up or learn new things about the game. Our guild also uses mumble to communicate as well as a website for members to sign up for events.

What we are looking for

  • Active members that enjoy socializing with others, have sense of humor, helpful, and patient. Absolutely no disrespect towards guild members will be tolerated.

  • Dedicated raiders that will sign up for op nights and be there at the appropriate time, but we understand if RL things come up and you can’t make it then let someone know via in-game or on the website.

  • While we accept all classes and roles we are mostly focused on building up more commando, gunslinger, and shadow dps as well as all of the various healers and tanks for our Operation groups (healers and tanks are always wanted).

  • 2 spots are open for our TFB/EC HM Op group currently need 1 dps (shadow) and 1 healer (sage). *See Operation times for more info on schedule.

Operation Times

  • Wednesdays 9pm-12am EST, this will be our TFB/EC HM progression op night (when roles are filled)

  • Thursdays 9pm-12am EST is usually our random sm op night (black hole comm run or gear run for new 50’s)

  • Fridays 9pm-12am EST, TFB Story Mode (Full Run)

  • Saturdays 8pm-11pm EST, EC Story Mode (Full Run)

*All ops nights except Wed TFB/EC HM are 1st come, 1st serve, sign up runs.

For questions or invite whisper Nevran (guild leader), Wyaat-Earp (GM Alt), Dre’gore (GM Alt), Vailen (GM alt), Zureed (GM Alt), Tiffnei (Co-GM), Savvanahh (officer), Aminesa (officer), Versellie (officer) or, Ludull (officer). To sign up on our website go to http://aokgc.enjin.com/

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