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[Republic] 7th Republic Infantry Battalion


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7th Infantry Battalion of the 3rd Republic Expeditionary Regiment of the 2nd Republic Ground Corps is a battalion composed of the men and women who make up the ranks of the professional soldiers of the Republic. Prior to the sacking of Coruscant, 7th Infantry was a conscripted unit, but was forced to switch to a highly-trained and well-equipped volunteer unit as they took on more and more casualties. To facilitate this not just for 7th Battalion, but all 3rd Expeditionary assets, 3rd Expeditionary command instituted entirely new doctrine, tactics, organization, and logistics based on the "Trooper" program.


Despite this however, 7th Battalion is not a Special Forces unit. They are infantrymen, prepared to be deployed to the Republic Front and fight with discipline and extraordinary skill. Willing though they may be, 7th Battalion has yet to have actually seen combat, due to the Cold War the Republic and Sith Empire is currently engaged in. The wheels of war are turning however, and their mettle shall soon be tested.





7th Battalion seeks to portray a realistic military in the setting provided by SW:TOR. As such, 7th Battalion will be focusing far more on the plights of the individual soldier and the minutiae of day-to-day life at war rather than the hot-blooded special forces life. Soldiers in 7th Battalion will be battle buddies, not battle brothers, their relationships forged in training and constant day-to-day interaction rather than by fire. The NCOs of 7th Battalion shall be weathered veterans, trained and proficient in their warrior tasks and drills, experts, and above all else, professionals. These two levels of responsibility, the NCO and the Enlisted soldier, shall be the focus of 7th Battalion.


7th Battalion will be exploring all aspects of the Infantryman's life, and will engage in regular training. This training shall consist of battle drills and STX lanes, designed to prepare soldiers for combat, presence and combat patrols, where soldiers will learn to apply what they've been taught in the classroom and on the drill field, and various other mundane day-to-day operations, where soldiers of 7th Battalion will have more than enough chances to learn about one another, bond, and get up to the usual soldiery hijinks.





Primary Timezone: EST (GMT -5)



Main site and Forums

TOR Site

Enlisted Soldier's Handbook


In-Game Contact Info:







Out of Character Etiquette Standards (Three General Orders):

In addition to the in-character standards 7th will maintain, 7th Battalion also has 3 general out of character standards that must be followed by every member of the 7th and at all times. They are as follows:


1. All members of 7th Battalion will identify the IC/OOC divide line and respect it. They will under no circumstances allow In Character actions to affect Out of Character perceptions, and vice versa.


2. No members of 7th Battalion shall ever show any sign of disrespect towards another organization, it is not the place of any member of 7th battalion to judge an entire organization.


3. No members of 7th Battalion shall ever harass another player for any reason and in any manner. If you are accused of harassment, the burden of proof is on you.


For any situation not covered by “The Three General Orders,” fall back on 7th Battalion’s golden rule: “Don’t be an d**k.” Punishment for transgressions is chosen at the leisure of 7th Battalion’s leadership.



While 7th Battalion expects to be predominantly a Trooper guild, there are billets for Jedi and Smuggler "Auxiliaries," or people who will perform a specialized role but will not be held to the same uniform and organizational standards as a normal enlisted soldier.


Additionally, 7th will attempt to maintain a very authentic military feel. To facilitate this, many of our resources for procedures and such come from the miltiary, and in fact many members currently involved with 7th Battalion are members of the United States Military.


Due to certain content of RP, all applicants to the guild must be of at least 18 years of age.







11B – Infantryman

11C – Weapons Specialist

11Z – Infantry Senior Sergeant


68W – Combat Medic

68X – Field Surgeon



00X – Civilian Auxiliary/Jedi Advisor


The Auxiliary MOS was created in mind to cater to non-troopers who wish to operate with 7th Battalion but do not wish to or cannot fill any other MOS (IE: for combat oriented smugglers and Jedi Knights). Auxiliaries will be held to the same standards as any other enlisted soldier. It will be more difficult for an auxiliary to advance in rank due to the disadvantage afforded by their class.






7th Battalion predominantly recruits troopers and organizes itself with the assumption of working with the Trooper class. As such, the trooper has the most MOS's and roles available to it. Additionally, there are far fewer slots for non-primary classes, as only one platoon (4th) recruits them. Despite this, all roles are important and specialist roles such as the 68 series are arguably more important than basic trooper roles. Here are the following MOS restrictions by Class:


TROOPER: 11 and 68 Series.


SMUGGLER: 68 series, 11A, and 00X.


JEDI: 00 and 68 Series.




Should you have any questions, feel free to phrase them in the comments below or contact myself personally.


See you gentlemen on the ground.

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The 7th is currently on Coruscant preparing for future deployments (Makeb) and is getting members up to snuff for the epic battles on Makeb. Look for us on the Captial or blowing off steam on the Fleet.
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