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[Empire] Continental Drift are recruiting 1x healer and 1x DPS for HM OPs


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We're currently looking for a tank to join us for 2.0 hardmode and possibly nightmare content.


Current Recruitment Requirements:


Mainly we're looking for "our sort of people". People with a conscience, a bit laid back but with enough drive to want to clear hardmode OPs at least. Who are looking for guild for the next couple of years, not the next couple of months.


We need:



  • 1x Tank
  • 1x Healer (maybe)


One of our tanks has recently decided he's not intending to play after 2.0. So rather than wait till everyone hits 55, we're starting to think about recruiting a tank now.

We also *might* need a healer once everyone reaches 55, but that is rather tentative at this stage.


We're an 8man endgame PvE guild with real lives to live too. Which means we need at least 3 healers, 6 DPS and 3 tanks in total so we can raid on our chosen 4 nights per week.

Right now, we're waiting for Rise of the Hutt Cartel to be released, at which point we'll be pushing into S&V HM as quickly as we dare.


Ideally we're looking for people who are ready for hardmode content, but people's attitude matter more than your gear... so if we have to gear you up a bit... we'll help you do that.



Quick link to our website.... http://bit.ly/cdguild


Last updated: 5th April 2013.



About us...


Any guild that doesn't attract like minded people tend not to last very long (CD has existed for nearly 10 years, from our days in Everyquest and beyond). SWTOR has been a challenge to us and we've needed to reinvent ourselves a couple of times along the way. But at our core, we aim for a sense of fairness and responsibility.


We are an easy going, friendly guild of English speaking players from across Europe who raid 8man content 4 nights per week (Tues, Weds, Sun and one other day, TBD) - starting at 7:30pm (GMT) and ending at 10pm.


We're okay with shift patterns and family commitments and other variations on that sort of theme. That said, right now we need people who are going to raid at least 2 to 3 nights per week on average. Which generally means we're looking for people who WANT to to raid 3 to 4 nights, knowing there are going to be occasions where they can't.


One of our recruits said raiding with us was like slipping back into an old comfy pair of slippers.

That's us... old and comfy.


We want to have fun raiding and progress as far as we can with the raid team we have. We have a varied mix of people and skills and an attitude that says that's okay.


We take raiding seriously enough to want to start on time, make constant progression and kill bosses with the best of them. But not so seriously that we're min/max'ing gear and referring to combat logs all the time.


We think story mode OPs are for pugs and hard mode OPs are for guilds. We're probably not going to clear Terror From Beyond: Asation on Nightmare mode... and we're fine with that. (We hope to try anyway). Our progress has been slow and we've been had setbacks where people losing faith with the game. With the right people though, we can keep pushing forward. Which is why we need YOU!


We are NOT a levelling guild.

We are NOT a PvP oriented guild.

We don't spend a lot of time in flashpoints except for new content either.

We try to dedicate one night per week to less progression oriented raiding. A "gearing run" if you like for members who haven't geared up as quickly as everyone else.


As a guild we're recruiting you, not your gear. We can help you fix pretty much anything except your personality.



Interested in joining us?


Visit our website at : http://bit.ly/cdguild and post an application within the recruitment forum (or private mail the application to one of the raid leaders).


Pretty much everything we do is organised through our website so we need you to setup an account, especially for raid signups.



And finally....


We're also looking for an 8man raiding guild with a similar attitude to our own to collaborate for a few night's of 16man raiding. It's something we've been talking about almost since launch. But "trying" 16man is kinda hard without the assistant of a friendly guild. We can raid lead, or you can. We'd probably choose one of our "Gearing Runs" nights, but are open to other ideas.


If this sounds like something you'd like to try with us, please contact Wodawick... alts: Doe or Barclays or post something here on the official forums and I'll get in touch with you.


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