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Retour de l'event Gree très très bientot!!!


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Bonjour, je ne fais que rapporter une information qui a coulé sur le Devtracker anglophone. L'event Gree sera de retour dans la 1.7.2 (nous en somme en ce moment a la 1.7.1).


Autre petite nouvelle concernant cette 1.7.2 et le retour de cet évent, l'armure Scalène Doré sera retiré du marché du Cartel a cette occasion, elle y retournera a un autre moment.


Hey everyone!


Although I cannot completely satisfy your request by stating a date that the Gree event will be returning, I do have some information at least. The Gree event will be returning a whole lot sooner than you think (note no ™). Soon in this case, is Game Update 1.7.2!


As part of this I wanted to make you all aware of the fact that along with the Gree Event coming back, the Gold Scalene Armor is going to be removed from the store at the same time, but that armor could always come back at a later date!


As one last teaser, we have some pretty cool information coming next week, so keep your eyes open for that. :rak_03:




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