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The Other Guys - always open


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Hey all,


The Other Guys are always open to recruitment be you a level 1 or a level 50, your more than welcome to come chill out and have a few giggles.


Now we may not be the most professional of guilds, in fact I think it is safe to say we are far from it, but what we lack on the pro side of things we make up for in allot of other ways, even with that said though we do have a serious side .... some of the time .... maybe ....when there is a solar eclipse *shrugs*, and we can hold our own when it comes to operations and PvP, even if we suffer a multitude of wipes because of silly mistakes, like running into a minefield for instance..... we even feature that in a guild video *shakes head and sighs*


At heart T.O.G is just a fun place to be with multiple Ops runs through out the week, loads of different events like pod racing or the pain train game ... if you haven't tried it, its ...... yeah ... so moving on lol


If you want something fun with plenty of activity, think about T.O.G (The Other Guys @ Jedi Covenant), we our proud of every member, every accomplishment .... and yes every fail too, but if you really want to get to know us, take a look at the link


----> Click Me <----


And if that hasn't scared you off (and see I told you the minefield thing would be in it) come find us in world for your /ginvite or leave a message here ot come visit our site at theotherguys.jediportal.com


See you soon :D



oh and P.S


Yeah we are republic .... go REPS :sy_republic:

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