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Dark Knights is a casual, adult orientated guild looking to reinforce our raid group. We have recruitment needs for DPS, is what our GM tells me, but I think we could use another healer too.


Our schedule is very casual and although we are working at progression, we are not in a race to finish any game content.

Our raid schedule is Thursday's @ 7:30 EST & Sunday @ 5:45 EST.. Currently we try to run a full clear Raid, either HM or SM depending on the gear of the ppl we have on Thursday nights and usually use Sunday's to run the weekly comms run. Our raid leader and officers are familiar with everything from SM ops to HM TFB and NM EC ...


Dark Knights is also a great place to become part of a community and build friendships while looking to take part in social game content, such as FP's and PVP. We are closely connected to our Pub Side affiliate and many of their members participate in events for both factions.


For more information check out our website http://www.kotorswtor.shivtr.com or contact:


Gar'net - GM


Nirrti - Recruitment Officer

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