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Ideas for PvP in future Gree events


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PvP in this past Gree event was interesting and I give credit to Bioware for trying to revive open world PvP, even if it in the end turned out to be mostly unsuccessful. It's not their fault if players decided to play it nice and safe and stand in a line instead of fighting each other. But the developers need to realize that most players did so because they did not receive any rewards for fighting other players. Hence, standing in line was a more efficient way to finish your quests.


So, in my humble opinion, they would need to give out incentive for fighting other players. Now, of course, this would have to be done very carefully to avoid faction imbalance, otherwise you'll just bring back the old 1.1 Ilum. So how about a middle ground:


Gree Combat Evaluation Center: A small, 4man, instanced arena, that allows faction vs faction as well as same faction (simulation) battles. You could give out rewards to people based on how many matches they win a day, how many players they kill a day and generally who the blackest bisector around the block is. Reputation tokens and Grey Helix Components could be given out after consecutive wins (green after 1 victory, blue after 10 victories, purple after 25 victories). Then put in a Gree PVP vendor that is selling PvP related stuff: expertise crystals, PvP crafting materials, mounts, pets and perhaps a unique armor set tied to a Valor rank.


Maybe it's just wishful thinking but it would satisfy a lot of people, I reckon. If you want objective based PvP, you have that. If you want to fight other players, you can do that, too, in a controlled environment to keep numbers balanced. It would also be a good opportunity to try out arenas in SWTOR, I know a lot of people have been asking for them on the forums.


I'm open to suggestions, advice, criticism etc. but it would be nice if people didn't have to stand in line in future Gree events, all the while avoiding the debacles of the old Ilum battles.

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