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Gold Scalene Armor


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I use a version of the Gold Scalene and Gree armor and my Agent and have these versions on some of my other toons. I would like to see even if it's in the Cartel Market the white and or dark blue version the Agent uses without the blue, red, or gold pin-line lighting and just the standard versions. I like this armor and it works very well on my Twi'lek trooper which I don't have much to pick from that works as good. Or if this is not something that can be done how about some nice Twi'lek armor for them. I would like to see on the Cartel Market the White and blue versions of the Imperial Vendetta gear. This armor works great on my Twi'leks but is hard to find even for my agent. I would love to have a set of it for my Trooper and some of my other toons. I hope a adapt version will be made for the market. Thanks! Edited by Uheti
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