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2.0 PVP Jugg Tank Defensive Stat Priority?


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I have been on the PTS trying out the Jugg tank pvp changes. On live I stack defense rating and shield with high endurance. No enhancements/mods in absorb.


New 2.0 changes.


-Defense rating is reduced by about half and has a DR at around 22%

-No more flat defense rating relics instead we have a proc relic that gives us 450 defense for 6 seconds every 20s

-We can shield tech attacks now

-Everyones crit rating has been lowered to about 18-25%


At the moment I think stat priority is the same. Since everyones crit is really low shield rating is better now? But do we still leave absorb at 20% just from the shield? What are everyone elses thoughts?

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Currently I prioritize Defense, followed by a mix of Accuracy, Crit, Surge. I use Strength augments.


I currently have 30% Crit. I will remove whatever Crit Enhancements go over the new DR and replace them with Shield./Absorb.


I currently have 30% Defense. I'm more hesitant to remove any of these because I love Defense. If the curve gets too steep I will probably grab some Power.


Not expecting a whole lot to change on my bottom line. Swapping 1 Crit Crystal for Expertise, maybe 2 Enhancements, and 2 or 3 Mods. Will lose Crit but gain Power, lose Defense but gain Shield/Absorb 2.0.

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Honestly I don't like procc relics and why didn't they implement both relics, so everyone can decide for himself.


However, since they changed Defense Rating, it gains so sneaky if u go for it. So I tried out to go more on Shield/Absorb (got about 40% Shield and 30% Absorb) and stay at around 15% Defense Rating, since Riposte gives 5% more if skilled in the defense tree (20% then if used). But have to remind that I still use EWH flat relics, also didn't tried out procc relics yet.


Would be interesting what ppl think about procc relics compared to flat relics cause I don't really know what to make of these procc relics.


Apart from this, I think stat priority is still the same. But do we really need to stack that much on defense rating in 2.0 since crit rating got reduced and we can get to around 46-47k HP with minmaxed gear and Enure/Endure Pain (which lasts awesome 20 seconds in 2.0 now)?


Discuss, I'm all ears :)

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Iam playing dps tank hybrid with something a bit more than 10.2 defense, with accuracy reduction from force sweep and riposte i have 20% chance to avoid the attack (10% flat, +5% force sweep, +5% riposte) its kind of fun when i see tanks without shield absorption like me, i can guard healer as good as they do but I can do alot more damage...


I think shield chance and absorption are very usefull especially on rwz, PPL WAKE UP nobody hits the tank who is being healed.., so: tank doesnt need defense chance stacked to max..


Writing this becaouse I've seen some tanks with no absorption and 27% shield chance but maxed defense, for what reason?


Anyhow skillpoints are a bit messed since being vigilance hybrid i have 4% (+ bonus on focused defense)constant damage reduction, being full defensive i have 3% from guardian slash only for few seconds.. Iam taughter then.. Have free force sweeps and 100% crit on blade storm..


I'd like to know whats the power bonus for guardianship etc. how does it work? does that use the +bonus healing or damage? On vigiliance I have +str bonus which gives me bonus damage and healing greater than +power augments... *** srsly.. is the hybrid more viable on regular warzones then??..


Also, if they reduced crit chance stacking shield should be more NOT less important. Right?


Plz share your experience.

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