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After soloing to 50 - I need help for Grouping


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Hello gang,


I turn 50 last night with my sage. I loved it. Now that I am with the big boy I plan to group with others raid. The problem is, I solo my way to fifty so I have no clue on how to be a good healer/cc for group. My current build is a mixt of stuff I read on the board for pve/solo/leveling. But now, it’s different. I would like to be a good healer (mostly) and also have some CC into it.


Can you help me find a good build that would fit that? I thank you.

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This is the build I'm currently using as a healer:




If you haven't already read Aurojin's PvE healing guid at the top (stickied) I would recommend doing so.


You may not be in the same boat, but I leveled as a dps and the healing transition was rocky at first. I ended up doing dailies with Qyzen out and healing him, eventually working my way up to soloing heroic dailies. Once I felt confident and less fumbly I started queuing for HM FPs.


Good luck!

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