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Intrests in Guilds


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Hello. I am the leader of a guild and i am wondering what people like in a guild. My guild has 90 members and a guild bank. Our members range from the teen levels to level 50 with the majority being 20-30. I am looking to recruit new members but i am wondering what people like in a guild so i can adapt mine and keep a steady flow of recruits coming. Please inform me on what you like and dont like in a guild as well as what you think i can do to mine to keep it successful. Thank you.
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I like in a guild:

- playing with friends (online friends, not necessarily RL-friends)

- having a core crew for specific kind of content, getting to know the people I play with

- having the guild as a kind of "extended friendlist"


I dislike:

- Being forced to play on specific hours or at specific content.

- Being made to apply on a website for a guild (there are hundreds of guilds, who do not require an application. Face the facts, you are not special enough to demand an application)

- Huge Guilds of 50+ unique players (not chars!), as that will without doubt lead to internal group building and is going against the close friends thingy.

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