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Graphics At Elevators!


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I searched this found no results, so here is something that annoys me.

In running through this game I have found only 2 possibly 3 elevators that offer more than one stop.

You run up press the button, then your presented with a dialog box.

Which shows your in the elevator room and the only other option is next floor.

Like on the home Fleet Station you run around to find your correct hangar elevator.

Then your insulted with your at the main floor! did you want to go to the only other option? :eek:

Should be like this. Go to any elevator and then select your hangar!

It would make sense 4 different hangars should be on 4 different Levels.

Save us some Video and CPU time if there is more than one location to go to then show a selection box.

Other wise just transport us to the next room/level.:rolleyes:

What ever you do increase the IQ level needed to play. ;)

Don't dumb down the game that insults the real players.:mad:

Oh well most likely no one will ever read this any who.:cool:

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