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The Gray Helix Lightsaber: Terribad


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Well I was totally enthusiastic when I got my Gray Helix sabers. Augmented both and ripped all the modifications out of my current sabers (cost me over 200k). Whipped them out and was extremely disappointed. I love the special effect (with the glowing squares), it makes it really feel like a gree weapon. What I do not like is the shape of the blade itself. I find both the increased length and the reduced width very unappealing.


The length is okay I suppose, but my big concern is with the width. It looks awful. How can you even call it a lightsaber if it has virtually no glow at all? They're so long and skinny, they look awful. In regards to the future comment "if you don't like it, don't use it" while this is normally a viable (though widely unappreciated) comment, it does not apply here. These are the only modable legacy-bound lightsabers in existence.


This also sparks the question "if you are using it for long-term use, why do you need to use a legacy-bound saber?" I recently reached level 50 on my DPS Guardian. Having a BiS mainhand as a new 50... it, uh... helps. A lot. You could also ask the question "why can't you just transfer the mods through the legacy saber and then switch it back to a normal saber?" That implies not only taking the mods out of one of my toon's sabers, but also taking it out of the legacy saber after it's transfered. That's 100k just to switch it between toons for one mission (Flashpoint, Operation, etc), and then another 100k to change it back. Not happening.


The fact is that I should not have to take the mods out of it repeatedly simply because of how terribad it looks. The gree effect is so cool, why must you ruin it with terrible and unprecedented blade shape?


My recommended fix is something similar to the (very smart) way you fixed the the cartel market gear pieces which people (rightfully) complained about when you changed. Obviously it does not make sense to give everyone a second version of the saber. Everyone who didn't buy a saber would be angry, and rightly so.


Thus, the best way to go about fixing this is to have two different saber options. Have a "Gray Helix Classic Lightsaber" and a "Gray Helix Lightsaber." The current type would be classified as the classic version. The new type would have the standard blade length and width (though still with that awesome gree effect!). Instead of the way you handled this type of fix on the cartel market, you would give players an option of one or the other, instead of giving them both. While this may have been viable for the cartel market, it is not in this case. As I stated before, anyone without the saber would be understandably angry. Please note that if this were to be done, whichever saber you pick must contain the same modifications as the original saber (because the original saber is being replaced)


PS: Perhaps the extended length and narrow width is a bug?

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