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Diplomatic Operations


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Hey guys,


I have many ideas I've thought about sharing but never actually did because I didn't know if they were good or not. Apologies if this topic has been brought up, and please leave a link in the comments below!


Diplomatic Operations is basically when you can get permission from a level 40 or above of the opposite faction to land on the planet of a select opposite faction sites. For instance, the Republic Fleet and Imperial Fleets would be open to boarding, but you still couldn't see the opposite faction General Chat and couldn't PvP, Trade, or Whisper the opposite faction, as usual. But the interesting thing would be that you could use their vendors, like purchasing the Tionese, Columni, or Rakata gear ((Of course, these vendors are to be removed in 2.0)). Another interesting thing that could happen would be able to board personal(spelling?) ships, for better RP opportunities. One of the other opportunities we could benefit from is having a whole new sector on the fleet and major planets, which would be called "Animal Pens" which could hold animals we could purchase for animal mounts, assuming we would get that.


Thanks for reading!

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