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Fallen ones is recruiting


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Our guild, Fallen Ones, is always looking for good people. A lot of us have been gaming together since 2002. We average 10+ people online during peak EST if that is the size guild you are looking for.


Our main goal is to have fun with friends/guildies & since winning adds to the fun, we obviously like winning as well. We are approximately 60% PvE & 40% PvP in regards to guild activities. We generally hang out in Mumble doing OPS or WZs etc. Our guild's age range is approximately 21-35.


We have been running TFB HM & EC HM/NiM on a regular basis. We are usually able to setup a good group quickly because our (2) PvE Officers have several well geared 50s which gives us a lot of group flexibility. We use mumble to organize the groups, discuss strategies, designate people's specific roles etc before we begin any OPS. We have plans for future 16 man raids also & we are proceeding well in this direction.


We are simply looking for more people interested in playing the game.


- More players for 16 man content…

- More players for evening and overnight raids…

- More players for ranked


If you are having trouble breaking into your guilds current raid group, we want 16’s… If you are work odd hours, we have members stationed/living around the world, working all kinds of shifts looking for people to play with… If you are a noob getting left behind or are just stuck at average, we have skilled veteran mmo players that can help you get over the hump.


If your would look to know more infomation you can go to fallen-ones.com

or you could send any of the republic toons listed in the signature below an ingame mail or a whisper

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Good afternoon.


As Picee has explained above our guild is always looking for good people for PvE or PvP. We require a sense of humor & the willingness to learn more about the game over time to improve skills/wins etc.


We have had several good players join our ranks over the last few months & we are continuing to grow in a very positive direction.


In fact these 5 new guildies from the below ToR forums post have turned out to be great additions to our guild:



If anyone has any interest in joining the guild please contact Picee or myself. You can email me by clicking here or you can send me a private message through the ToR website or you can message me in game under the names of Stonesilent, Stonewill, & Stoneward.


Our website is www.Fallen-Ones.com if anyone wants to check us out.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Have a good one.

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