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A guide on How to Min/Max your PvP Gear - Sith Marauder


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If your actually looking for a guide on how to min/max PvP Gear for the Jedi Sentinel and Sith Marauder, then I might have the guide for you. I recently made a video guide going over the whole min/max process for the sentinel/marauder. This process of modifying your PvP gear will definitely unlock you true dps potential so hopefully you enjoy! I cover all specializations, so Watchman/Annihilation, Combat/Carnage, and Focus/Rage.

Check it out the guide here:


Min/Max PvP Gear Guide:


NOTE: to save time I only used Republic Terminology when talking about talents, but the gearing should be generally the same for both factions through the whole guide.


I will be making more guides for troopers, inquisitors, guardians, bounty hunters, etc. so stay tuned!

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