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Transcéndent (Empire) LF DPS for Progression Ops Team


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Transcéndent <www.transcendentgamers.com> has three 8-man Operation teams running events 2/week for each team, with two teams @ EC NiM 3/4. There are currently two main spots open one of our progression teams. Guild Alts are currently filling in until the Mains are secured to continue the Dread Guard strat practice:


Sith N Dales TFB Hard mode progression:




DPS - Ranged is a preference, 1600+ DPS and must get better as we progress


If interested, please message Uchihaitachi or Bloodgard in game.


Transcendent, home of casual gamers, yet completely blowing your expectation of an elite, mature gaming guild through the roof! Looking for a place to call home, a place where with drive and dedication you can work with the guild leadership to build something grand where you can one day say “wow, I really helped make this guild great”? If so, come join us and make “Going beyond ordinary limits…” more than just a dream.

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