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Im looking Join a Friendly , Helpful Republic Guild to Raid with


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As the title says I'm looking for a Friendly, Helpful guild to start Raiding with. Something laid back, with no drama.


A little about me:


I started playing this game back in early access with a hand full of my friends. I wanted the play republic, but they wanted to play Sith. So I created us a Guild The Sith'ari Order, but like many in the early days of the game they did not share my love for it, and left about 3 months later. I stayed around for another month, or two, and thin I to left the game. Then about 4 months ago I picked it back up. It was just me, and my Girlfriend playing, but there was a lot more to do solo. Then I decided to finally make my Jedi, and I love it!


My Jedi is now my main, and after months of playing solo I want to raid with him.


What I bring to the table:


*I have Three 50s they are a Kalin SM, Canda SS, and Paladiin JKS (Yes thats 2 i, and yes Paladin can a name as well as a title) with good gear, and max crafting (Synth, Artifice, and Cybertech respectivly)


*I have a 40 BH, and a 36 GS.


*I have 3 (and soon all 4) of the class buffs unlocked.


*And I have an Empire Guild (Thats again really just my Girlfriend, and I right now) which I would be happy to let you use as an Alt Guild.


Anyway if any of this sounds good to you let me know.


Thanks for taking the time to read this


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