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Sandals and Plain-color outfits


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I would really love to see some version of the Battlemaster Force-Master's Boots available more broadly, though I'm not sure that I care about the whole outfit. Having that attached to the next version of the dancer outfit would be fine, I think.


I've also been finding it a bit difficult to get some outfits to work well with different patterns that exist. I think it would be quite nice to be able to go find a standard item that will match my chest piece. I would use these on a per-piece basis. I realize that some of these exist already, but they are often difficult to find. Perhaps it would make more sense to put these in-game at a vendor somewhere instead of in a cartel pack though.


Also, I've been a big fan of the invisible outfit pieces being added and hope they completely fill out the set (or is it not kosher to put in an invisible hat when they already sell the "hide head slot" option?).


Anyway, just some things I've wanted to pick up and been unable to.

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