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Good Guys Wear Black!

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A few simple suggestions for new outfits.


Take any low level Consular Robe (suggestion Jedi Initiate's set), ditch the goofy patterns and color it all black.

Name: Dark Warder's Robe


Take any low level Knight Robe (suggestion Aspiring Knight's set), ditch the racing stripes and color it all black.

Name: Dark Knight's Robe


Take any low level Trooper Armor (suggestion Tempered Laminoid set) and color it black and gray.

Name: Covert Trooper Armor


Take any low level Smuggler Armor (suggestion Gunslinger's set), add some leathery texture and color it black.

Name: Blackjack Armor


And then do just the opposite with some Imperial gear, recoloring them white.


Sith Inquisitor (suggestion Inquisitor's set); Name: Bright Sorcerer's Robe

Sith Warrior (suggestion Marauder's set); Name: Bright Warrior's Robe

Bounty Hunter (suggestion Vagabond set); Name: Great White Hunter's Armor

Imperial Agent (suggestion Hooligan's set); Name: Imperial High Command Armor



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