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Powertech or mercinary?


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Ok I just reached lvl 10 and I'm ready to choose my advanced class and this is my first BH... Now I know about the specs for both the ptech and the merc, tanking does sound good but I've had a number of juggernauts before so I'm thinking about merc more. But before I do I have some concerns:

Are mercs good with pvp? Does health deplete faster?

Will I have to stand back and heal allot? I've heard of a pyrotech tree that prevents that but I'm not sure.


That's pretty much it, a dps toon would be different but is it worth it? Or should I choose powertech?

Nothing negative please and some skill tree tips would be helpful too.

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As you mentioned you are looking for DPS. So I will respond to PvP and PvE separately.



Power Tech, pyro tree is on of the top DPS classes with probably the highest burst. Survive ability is not as good as you may think, but the damage more than compensate for it. For PvP DPS take pyro tech and you won't regret it.



This is debatable. Power Techs (specifically pyro) can out dps merc, but it is a very close call. Merc though are fully ranged (all skills are 30 meters except defensive skills and CCs), can off heal, can cleanse debuffs and have a 60 sec CC. I can not make a determination which is better for PvE, but I assure you both are valid.

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