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Karagas Palace Hard mode bugged and eternity vault too


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I am in the pvp server of freedom nadd in europe, and me and my guild nehahra tried to do Karagas Palace in hard mode, but whithout being enraged the first boss was dealing 30k damage with one swipe and 10k at a time.

I don't understand whyy it did it.

I hope i get an answer since i got defeated 5 or plus times it got heavy on our wallets.

Hope to hear from you soon.

I have also found the same bug in eternity vaul, people are getting stuck on columns and at 2 % boss send a swipe that killed almost everyone my guild took print screens i will try to post that later

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I dont' know about EV... haven't experienced any issues with the Pylons there, but on KP... oh yea. We ran into that. Not enraged Bonecrusher would suddenly one shot our healers with 30k damage. I was insane. We weathered a few swipes but... that was about it. But the weird thing is this doesn't seem to happen in every instance. We run KP HM smoothly with out issue generally speaking. But on occasion... Bonecrusher is insanely tuned.


Now... before other jump in and say... well you are supposed to avoid the swipe. Yea, sure, our group does, generally speaking, but the one shot still occurs. And in HM... losing a healer is no laughing matter.

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Happened once to us too, solved by reseting instance. It occured after wiping when boss enraged.

Another thing though, if the boss hits you so you get "stuck" in the floor you get a debuff where all his attacks will increase in damage, with low gear he can hit REALLY hard (been hit for close to 20k with full 61)



Never happened and if you got the boss down to 2% he should've died already. Those turrets in the first boss can bug if you get throw there and you get stuck inside. When that boss is at low level he will swipe and start his soft enrage so unless you dont down him fast enough you will die.

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