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So I've been playing a few months now fairly often, which has given me the experience I think I need to make a few suggestions below.


Suggestion #1: I despise how limited I am on how quickly I advance through a game by Dailies/Weeklys.

Example: The only real way you advance through this game at lv 50+ is to complete a few simple dailies and weeklys, which needless to say can only be completed once a day/week. This is bad because for 2 reasons. #1: Those who are willing to do more to advance quicker are severely hindered and have a small advantage over those who play before work for a couple. #2: Most weeklies require large groups that are coordinated which can be near impossible to find even if you're well geared from my experience. Potential fix: Add new things to do that are repeatable with no daily cooldown and are challenging/offer decent/moderate rewards.


Suggestion #2: My opinions above should make it clear I want a long term challenging game that the player decided his rate of progression/outcome by how much time he/she is willing to dedicate to said game. Alright, that being said, in my humble opinion no game, especially MMO should EVER have a P2W system in place. Basically, in absolutely NO way should you be able to purchase advantages in game with real world money.

Example: Cartel items/currency. Absolute fix: Transcend your nature and do something right for once, Devs.


Suggestion #3: I don't mind grouping with people, but there needs to be soloable options to the group dailies, only make them challenging(though soloable for the average geared player) and take 2-3 times as long as the group HM FP dailies.


Note: Problem I've found is throwing so much stuff at fresh 50s and telling them to dive straight into stuff like Lost Isl HM without giving them any information on what to expect/guides on how to perform their desired roles. This isn't a huge deal, but can still be unfair to both parties involved.


I'm not really ranting, and could be wrong about things as I aren't the most experience player by far, but these are my two cents so far, but I really want to hear what you guys think about this, so please reply if you've got an opinion.




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