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Looking for a PVE Guild !


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Hey there !


Have played SWTOR since Early Access, and still have a Commando DPS and Sorcerer Healer on another server.

I wanted a fresh start, so I choose to roll anew, right now, I have begun leveling a Sniper + Merc (Healer).


In my old guild (which kinda fell apart), i did several Ops, including up to EC SM.

Not sure, which will be my main, but my old main was the Merc DPS.


I am looking for a Guild that does Operations ideally three times a week, uses voice chat (team speak 3 I have on my computer, but I would be willing to install Mumble, etc.) and has no problem whatsoever with the fact, that i cannot be online all the time, due to my job + girlfriend.


If that is not an issue, and you want a nice chat in your guild, post here - looking forward to numerous suggestions, and then i will take my pick ;.((




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Ey there take a look at The White Wolves:







" Alone We're Deadly, Together We're Unstoppable ! "


If your looking for a long standing Online Gaming Community that like to experience as much of the game as possible, along with friendly, funny and utter maniacs; then you're looking in the right place for your SWTOR guild.


With SWTOR going free 2 play a lot of our members from other games are going to join us here, so we expect to have an active levelling community as well - with experienced members ready to help (or laugh at and then help) you





We pride ourselves on our long standing history, being founded on ULTIMA ONLINE back in 1999. We have since moved from Strength to Strength and seen us take part on several Big Title MMOs, these primarily being SWG, LOTR, AoC, GW2, TSW, War Z and SWTOR.


We have members that have spanned these games along with others that have taken part in our 13+ Year History. We believe what has held our Community together is our philosophy that we all lead busy lives, work, kids etc and we place no pressure on anyone to log in and be part of our Guild, CASUAL FUN GAMING is our main priority ! This doesn't mean we don't enjoy everything the game has to offer and frequently enjoy all End Game Content but have a much less hardcore approach as some other Communities!





Our requirements are SIMPLE ...


Aged 18+ - as we are a mature Gaming Community.

Speak English - we have people from all around the world and all speak English.


Being a FUN CASUAL GAMER ! We are far from an Elitist clique and seek like minded people to enjoy our Community for now and years to come





We are currently running Ops three times a week (Tues, Thurs and Sunday) around 7pm GMT. It is completely voluntary to participate in these and you are also welcome to organize and run ops on your own and outside these times. We also have a Saturday Weekend Wonga time with the guild and do an occasional World Boss.


See more on our website http://www.TheWhiteWolves.co.uk





To apply to THE WHITE WOLVES please go to :




Registering on our site is simple and takes all of a minute ! Might be an idea to make your username the same name as your chosen Old Republic character and then please fill out a WWolf Application Post as outlined on the forums and then you'll be contacted by one of our Recruiters.


There is a sign up word you need: "sevlow" - will make sense when you're at it.


Thank you for taking time to read and absorb what WWolf is all about and we hope to see you in Game soon !


" Alone We're Deadly, Together We're Unstoppable ! "



Also contact Mákk [Leader], Byvoa [Officer], Massie [Officer], Nijinsky [Officer] Rieko [Officer] or Artucrus [Officer] in game for more information.

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Have a read of the Unity thread above Haesin.

We do 3 ops a week (Sunday, Tues and Thurs, starting at 7.30 GTM UK time)

We use TS 3 also.


We are on both the empire and rep side on red eclipse and we also do other activities like datacron runs and more. We are a casual pve guild, we are not hardcore or pvp orientated but we have been in Tor since launch, a guild since 2005 and very active and friendly and also understands players have commitments and there is no pressure to level or play certain times etc

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