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Mandolorian Supply Pack


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For cartel market / in game additions: Black-Cyan crystals, Pure Green crystals (from beta), add bolstered pvp as a permanant option in the game. Reskin of the Tirsa, Korralius, and Dessler speeders. More lightsabers with visual effects. ______________Cartel Packs___________________Mandalorian Contraband Pack : contents: (Mandalorian Scythe : Aratech scythe with mandolorian decorations.) (Mandolorian War tank : Reskin of Avalanche heavy tank, with immunity to knockdowns while riding) Armor : Mandolorian Iron chestguard, Havoc Command chestguard (Reskin or Mando Iron chestguard, with Havoc symbol across front.) Chance for Black-Purple (the ultimate drop in pack).

New mandolorian pistols, with laser sights on the model. New Assault cannon, with a steaming energy pulsar in the back of the model (preferably use Havoc's fist for the model) New Mandalorian Assault Carbine : (Blaster rifle w/ laser sight, Pulsing barrel.) Mandolorian Scout's Hunting Rifle: (Sniper rifle: reduces threat by a small amount when fired.

(Dread seeded taunlet/taun fawn/ taunta.) Relics : Mandalore's Rage (30% chance on damage to deal 323 kinetic damage and knock the opponent back 5 meters) Fett's Legacy (Global boost, reduces cooldown of Rocket boost by 5 seconds and increases its duration by 3 seconds.)

(Dangerous Animal crate): drops Mini Terentek pet, Mini Zakkeg pet or Mini Gundark Pet.


Hope i see results, Darklordkane

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