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Looking for English speaking Empire PVE guild


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Appart from taking a six month break I've been playing since beta and have managed to lvl up a merc (DPS), a powertech (tank), a marauder (DPS), a sniper (DPS) and a sorc (healer). Now, since returning and finding my old guild has dissapeared, they all need a home.


Ideally, I'd like to join a medium / large guild that regularly do ops of all difficulties. The merc's my main and has virtually full Rakata. I enjoy ops and would be very willing to help new lvl 50's gear up through EV and KP story modes.


Please post below and thanks for your time.

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Hi Scratchy


Visions is an experienced 8 Man raid-focused guild currently EC NiM 3/4 & all other content cleared.


We are looking for new Members of all classes, be it as a social member - looking for people to play/chat with while doing dailies/levelling and no requirement to raid, or to bolster our raiding lineup - we would like to eventually get back to 16 Man raiding before the release of the expansion. Gear level isn't essential if you would like to join as a raider, but obviously the less gearing up we need to do the better!


Check us out on http://torvision.enjin.com, or /w Anúbis, Miazma or Tagrine in game

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Unity does 3 operations a week. Its nice you list looking for ops of all difficulties as we still do weekly SMs ops as its important to help fresh 50s into ops and gearing up.


Our Ops schedule is: (This is the same for both our Republic and Empire sides of the guild on the server)

Tuesdays: Story Mode Random through group finder

Thursday: Week 1: Terror From Beyond (TFB) Week 2: Explosive Conflict (EC) (then back to week 1 etc)

Sunday: Week 1: EV HM , Week 2: KP NiM , Week 3: KP HM , Week 4: EV NiM


We are not a hardcore raiding guild though as we do alot of social content in the guild like flashpoints, datacron runs, social events etc so if its more than this you need its better to be honest and say you probably need a more hardcore rading guild than us.


We have members of all levels and experience and have been in tor since launch and here for a long time to come.

We do have a recruitment thread in the forum above where if interested you can read alot more about Unity.

Link: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=539671




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